The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Bankta is Here

Finally a Secure Cryptocurrency that you can trust!

Pre-ICO Phase




Due to the fact that our customer's security is important to us, Bankta uses 256-bit AES bank grade security. Since Bankta currency is centralized, your account will be more secure. The Bankta leadership is resolved to make our customer's security our first priority.


Using your Bankta cryptocurrency is easy. Since it is based on the US dollar, you always know how much it is worth. You can transfer Bankta coins to make purchases or even back to US dollars at any time and have it sent to any bank account of your choice.



Bankta has provided its customers with an escrow function. This is perfect when dealing with online purchases that carry risk such as eBay purchases or even Craigslist. You can set milestones and pay when the purchase or transaction is completed to your satisfaction.


Using Bankta coins is easy and free. Even better, your transactions are anonymous, secure and safe.

Why would you spend your hard earned money buying a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin when its value could drop to zero and you could lose everything? These crypto coins are only worth whatever the next buyer feels it is worth. Bankta coins are always worth the equivalent amount of US currency!

Bankta coins are asset-based coins. With Bankta, your crypto coin are backed by the security and good faith of the United States government. Every Bankta coin is worth $1.00 and is convertible and transferable at anytime.

Private sale will run from:

30 days before Pre-ICO


Reduced fees

With many payment processors charging 2.9% and up to $0.35 per transaction, isn’t it time to find a better payment solution? With your fees are only 1.0% and $0.10 per transaction.

100% Secured System

Bankta coins are secure. Every Bankta coin is equal to one US Dollar. You can exchange your Bankta coins at any time for US Dollars and have them transferred to your bank account.

Risk Free

By accepting Bankta coins as payment, you open your services and goods to even more customers… at no risk to you!

Easy to Use

It’s easy to start accepting Bankta… Just open an account and download and install an API and you are all set!

Secure Storage

We strongly believe in security. Bankta has been designed from the ground up to be secure. We use Bank grade 256-AES security. Blockchain technology is almost impossible to forge and would cost more than any hacker could hope to get. The decentralized ledger means your funds are secure!

Token Distribution & Use of Fund

Token Sale

  • Start Time : December 7, 2018
  • Hard Caps : $5,000,000
  • End Time :March 15, 2019
  • Soft Caps : $1,500,000
  • Available Token :$ 50 Million
  • Acceptable Currency :BTC, ETH and US Dollars

Token Allocation

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  • 80% - Fund Raiser
  • 15% - Long Term Strategic Reserves
  • 5% - Founders, Team, & Advisors

Use of Proceeds

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  • 60% - Marketing
  • 25% - Software Development, Beta Testing and Deployment
  • 10% - Reserve Funding
  • 5% - Operational Expenses


We are proud to share our Project timeline with you.

15 NOV 2018

Start ICO Process

1 DEC 2018

Website & Whitepaper

10 DEC 2018

Bank Software

7 DEC 2018

PRE-ICO Begins

27 DEC 2018

Bank Software Phase 1 Complete

1 JAN 2019

ICO Phase 1 Begins

17 JAN 2019

Bank Software Phase 2 Complete

1 FEB 2019

ICO Phase 2 Begins

13 FEB 2019

Bank Software Phase 3 Complete

1 MAR 2019

Bank Software BETA Complete

14 MAR 2019

ICO Phase 2 Ends

15 MAR 2019(EST.)

BANKTA Operations Begin

Team Members

The Bankta team comes together to provide a wide variety of expertise. They are all dedicated to giving our investors and customers the highest quality product that will change cryptocurrency!

Bill Hoge CEO and Founder

Faisal al Sharif CFO

Sarah Castillo COO

Daniel Evans Visual Designer

Ankit Tyagi Technical Officer

Advisory Board

We are proud to be a awesome theam. They are really awespme people with their good knoledge.


Henry Love


Julius Young

Market Analyst

Julia Kinsey

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